What is SLOI?

The Satellite Lake Observatory Initiative develops remote sensing applications for lake monitoring in the Upper Great Lakes States. It is a concerted effort between scientists of the three universities that participate in the Upper Midwest RESAC: the University of Minnesota, the University of Wisconsin-Madison, and Michigan State University.

This web site focuses on the research and applications developed at the University of Wisconsin-Madison. It is designed to:

    • inform the public and volunteers who participate in the project about our research goals and methods,
    • provide background information on the use of satellites for lake monitoring, and
    • show results from our research as they are produced

Visit for our most recent work.

The Satellite Lake Observatory Initiative was created as part of the Upper Midwest Regional Earth Science Applications Center (RESAC), a consortium of universities, state and federal natural resource agencies, and industries in Minnesota, Wisconsin and Michigan. SLOI is currently supported by the NASA Affiliated Research Centers (ARC) program.

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19 April, 2003

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